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This blog is what you would call a Reality Blog.

Nothing made up like the Reality Shows on TV.

This is real life.

Some things good and great.

Some things that can bring sorrow in our life.

Hopefully we will have in common the good and great things.

As for the sorrow that can go on, I pray that if it is somehow in your life you will be able to get through it.

We all learn from each other.

We can all pray for each other.

The older (excuse me, more mature) I get the more I realize that I’m not as unique as I once  thought.

Having a GOOD ATTITUDE will get you through anything.

Move over “Mommy Bloggers”.

I’m what you would call a “Granny Blogger” or “Reality Blogger”.

When I think about it none of my grandparents had the active life we do today. I don’t know if money was the issue? Maybe it was health? I don’t know maybe they just didn’t want to. But the point is I do. We not only have fun with the grandchildren. We also have fun doing things with each other, family and friends.

Now some of these things might just be what you would call crazy or dumb.

Hope you enjoy this.

We have had fun doing the things that create this blog.

This is my idea of the “Reality Blog”.


See I’m not scary. Contact me. I answer every reader no matter how many there are. Everyone is important and I love getting to know all my readers.

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I’ll be happy to reply.

Remember keep it clean.


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