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Harmons Cooking School Birthday Party

Harmons birthday party 01harmons birthday party 19Age doesn’t make you old, but attitude can.

Never quit learning

Never quit trying something new

No education is ever a waste.

Always push yourself to do more than you thought you could do.

Never say never.

Happiness is a choice!

                                        At my age most people hate having a birthday. But I don’t. Not sure why but getting older has never bothered me. 30 hit and when the rest of the 30 year olds were having a meltdown I celebrated thinking well maybe 40 will hit me a little harder.

The big 40 came with an Over the Hill party. Loved it.  And again 40 was no big deal.

So you would think my 50th would be the one to put me over the edge. When I was younger I thought 50 was so old and there was no way I would ever get to 50 and if I did it would be so far away that it wouldn’t matter. Well guess what? It got here faster than I could imagine. I looked forward to a 50th party. In fact I let my husband know that 50 didn’t bother me and if someone was going to do a party support that action. You have to understand my husband hates birthdays and would die if someone gave him a party for his 50th. My family and friends didn’t let me down and it was wonderful and I was even surprised. It’s easy to surprise someone when you do the party 2 weeks early.

Last week I turn 59 and decided I should take the whole year working up to the big 60. I told my husband I wanted to have a private party at one of my favorite places, Harmons Cooking School; I’ve taken several cooking classes that Harmons has to offer from Chef Aaron Ballard. I have met some really great people and enjoyed every class. I wanted at least one cooking class that had my friends and family attending. I love sharing fun times with my family and friends.

I informed my husband in advance this is what I wanted for my birthday. Since he is OCD and thinks a kitchen should only be decoration in a home he didn’t understand why on earth I would want something like this. It’s all part of the OCD. I promised he wouldn’t have to come to the party. How much easier can it get than that? My birthday is taken care of and he doesn’t have to stress over it. By the way he is the only one that didn’t want to be at this party. I had plenty of people that wanted the invitation and couldn’t wait to attend.

harmons birthday party 20

harmons birthday party 21

Harmons City Creek location is my favorite. Not the closest one to my home but my favorite because of the great people that work there. Chef Aaron Ballard knows what he’s doing. Not only is he an amazing chef he has a way of keeping things interesting.

Chef Aaron would tell you that he is able to put together great classes because of his staff.

Harmons birthday party 24

Melina Bachtar made the table look like we were dining in a 5 star restaurant. She is always working quietly in the background to make sure all of us had everything we need.

harmons birthday party 16

Harmons birthday party 05

Chef Jim Macari is new to the staff. I’m very impressed with him. He has been teaching some of his own classes. Can’t wait to attend some. He was right there with Chef Aaron to make sure we understood exactly what to do and how to cook it.

And we can’t forget Mayra Hernandez who coordinated the whole thing. Mayra along with the rest of the staff made this birthday very special.

harmons birthday party 15


harmons birthday party 22

The guests arrived and the party started. Everyone is issued a Harmons apron.

Harmons birthday party 10

Harmons birthday party 11

My sisters brought aprons of their own to wear. They looked very great!

We’re all instructed on the best and easiest way to prepare our dinner. After that we all separated into groups to fix one portion of the dinner. Here’s the dinner menu.

harmons birthday party 18

Jerk Rubbed Pork Tenderloin

Harmons birthday party 12

harmons birthday party 23

Chocolate Clams Loreto Style

Harmons birthday party 06

Harmons birthday party 04

Haitian Djon Djon Rice

Harmons birthday party 07

Caribbean Sweet Potato Salad

Harmons birthday party 13

Harmons birthday party 14

Harmons birthday party 02

Caribbean Shrimp Stuffed Plantains

Sweet Corn Gelato, this isn’t a typo and it was soooooooo good.

Harmons birthday party 25

And I couldn’t resist bringing Rhubarb Pie, Mini Coconut Cream Pies, Mini Banana Cream Pies, Mini Raspberry Cream Pies, and Mini Chocolate English Toffee. Chef Aaron excels in pastries. Knowing this I was a little imtimidated when he served up a piece of my Rhubarb Pie.One bite and he came close to tears. He said how food is emotional for him. It tasted just like his mom’s Rhubarb Pie. After that he tried the Coconut Cream. He couldn’t help but notice the flaky pie crust. It was then that he asked why I didn’t make this for the cooking competition? I don’t know. Now I wish I would have.

Looking at all this great food and fun you can see why I would have this party. I think I better have one for my 60th don’t you?


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