Dining By Debbie

About Me

I started this blog to show reality living. Not just good stuff but other things that happen in life.

It just so happens in our family and life a lot of it centers around cooking.

Food, parties and cooking seem to be the entertainment mode we go in.

All the parties center around the kitchen.

Food just brings us all together. Our family enjoys food and we consider ourselves to be Food Snobs. I got that from my sister, Bev.

“Hey if the shoe fits”

Now you will get to see other aspects of my life but most of it will be recipes.

Recipes that you can print and save in your own recipe book.

I didn’t attend any culinary school. I was the oldest of six children. Male and female cook in our family. With little money things were cooked from scratch. Sometimes you had to be creative just because of what was available. I love cooking. Most of all I love experimenting. Doesn’t always turn out but most times it does. Hope you enjoy my creations along with some from friends and family.

I occasionally go on TV to share recipes.  So the fun goes on and on.

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