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New Years Eve Party at Harmons Grocery Store

Many people would not associate a New Years Eve Party and a grocery store together. But then most grocery stores are not like Harmons Grocery Store.

I just happened to be in the St. George, Utah area for New Years Eve. If you go past the wonderful grocery store on the first floor and venture up to the second floor you will find the best kept secret. A cooking school!

Chef Jackie and Chef Shane Robillard work hard to make sure everyone that walks through those doors have a wonderful experience. And New Years Eve was no different.

I stopped by in time to help out a little on a 5 star dinner for 20 guests. Watching these two chefs at work was like watching Michelangelo paint the Sistine Chapel. I think when the  others say “you eat with your eyes” they had food prepared from these two chefs.

The first thing you do after arriving is head right to the photo booth and use many of the photo props to make record of this event. Maybe in Vegas what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but not at a Harmons New Years Eve Party. Especially if I’m there with a camera. I gave fair warning!

Check out the menu for New Years Eve Dinner at Harmons Santa Clara Cooking School:

3 Cheese Platter with assorted fruits – sorry forgot to get picture of this but it was beautiful!

Coquilles St.-Jacques

Winter Salad with champagne vinaigrette

Champagne Sorbet

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

16 oz. Lobster with Beef Tenderloin and hot drawn butter

Panna Cotta with a Pineapple Coulis and Raspberry Sorbet top served in a Winter Snow Globe.

As you can see there was a WOW factor when we served this!

We had 10 prizes to give out by knowing a few trivia questions about New Years

You’ll never guess what the most coveted prizes were. Harmons Cooking School Gift Certificate and the Harmons Apron!

We ended with Hot Wassail and a “Firework” show on the patio.

Fun was had by all. I’m sure all that attended will be signing up for the next New Year’s Party!

Now if you are ever in a trivia about Harmons Cooking Schools here are a few facts that will help you win.

Some of the ways to enjoy Harmons Cooking Schools

Hands on: With this you will instruction from the Chef’s, separate into small groups, with your group help prepare some wonderful dishes. Most times there is a theme that will give you the experience of a different country. You will always come away eating lots of wonderful food and many times take away some of these dishes to your home.

The hands on also be a class that will teach you knife skills. You learn how to use knives properly and walk away with a new knife to take home and use in your own kitchen.

Hands on also can include kids cooking classes. Yes, you read this right. They even teach your little ones how to prepare food.

Chefs Table: Sit back while you’re served a 5 star meal Prepared by the chefs. Can’t think of a better way to have such a wonderful meal. You feel like you’re in a fine restaurant and usually under 20 people in the whole place. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Demonstration: These classes will give you instruction to that is usually to educate you on a better way of eating or planning. Sometimes you will eat and others it is just for the education.

Private Party: This is one of my favorites. You can do any of the above parties and book it with people you know and love. What a great time with friends and family.

I have only skimmed the top of what Harmons Cooking Schools can do. Next time you’re in a Harmons Grocery Store slip up to the second floor and see what would be best for you.



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