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ThermoWorks a Kitchen Must Have

As most of you know I don’t do my website, Harmons Cooking Classes or Fresh Living to make money. I MAKE NO MONEY. I just like doing this.

You might ask why I would promote to generate money now? I’m still not going to make any money and I will explain.

At the end of this article I will have information on the place I will donate %100 of all money generated from this.

First because ThermoWorks have the most accurate thermometers. This is the only thermometers I use in cooking. ThermoWorks sells mostly through the internet and a few specialty stores.

I only promote products that I love and use. I not only use ThermoWorks products but love them. They have the most accurate thermometer and trust me it will make a difference when you cook!

I will never promote something that I wouldn’t have myself.

My personal favorite is the ThermoPen Mk4. When it comes to instant read you get a very fast and accurate read. I can’t even tell you how many digital thermometers I have gone through before finding ThermoWorks. I won’t even look at another product after finding them. No more over or under cooked meats, candy, baked goods, etc.

You never have to wonder what temperature you should use. ThermoWorks website is so full of information to help you with anything you cook. I have this one bookmarked and use it almost daily.

Right now ThermoWorks is having a great Holiday Sale!

Just look at this Pork Tenderloin it is perfect! Couldn’t have done it without ThermoWorks!

Over a month ago a cute little 2 1/2 year old cowboy (Jamison) was crushed by a bucket from a front-loader. They had to life flight him to Primary Children’s Hospital where he was placed on life support for a few weeks. He underwent a surgery they had never performed before to try and save his life. He is doing so much better than they ever thought he would. He still has more surgery’s ahead. He has wonderful parents that have stayed by his side day and night. Not sure how long he will be at Primary Children’s. And for more information on this you can go to his FaceBook page Jamison’s Rodeo.

As I stated in the beginning %100 any profits will go to Jamison’s Rodeo.




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